Our Worship Team is lead by our Pastor's wife, Nora.  The style of music varies as our goal is to minister to everyone in the audience. We sing congregational (book), contemperary, urban gospel, southern gospel, etc.  We have a Worship Team that leads each week in annointed worship.

Sound/Media Ministry

Our sound and Media team serve as the central nervous system of the each service.  From making sure that the sound is clean and crisp to preparing and administrating videos and lyrics to each song, this team makes sure that our expirience is the best that it can be each week. They strive to make our worship expirience appeal to all of the senses. 

Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry strives to minister to each our students aged 12 and up through various means.  We have a Teen class held on Sundays at 10am, Student Connections held on Wednesdays during our PowerUp Service, Monthly Connections held one Sunday a month at 4pm (this is a casual expirience designed to create and build relationships), as well we attend our monthly Section 12 Youth Rallies held at various churches in the New Orleans Metro.  Once a month, we also have an outing.

Children's Ministry

Our Children's Ministry hold classes on Sundays at 10am for students 2-11 in various classes.  As well, Kid City happens on Wednesdays during our PowerUp Service.  Annually, we have our Kids Revival held in August.

Hospitality Ministry

Our team strives to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.  They are here to serve and make your expirience at LWC a First Class one!

Please plan to stay after each Sunday morning service to meet the Pastor and his wife for a free cup of coffee or capaccino at our Coffee Bar. This is for all first time guests.